Former Navy SEAL and Instructor of the Year

"I was participating in a crucial Level 3 MovNat certification, that wasted for four days. And I knew that I'd need some excellent massage therapy to keep my shoulder functioning well enough, not to hinder my performance. I booked a massage the night before the certification began, and for the following two nights. The massages were magnificent! And Gaelle used some techniques that I'd never never been given for my shoulder before. She was very sensitive and intuitive in her approach. And adjusted well, as the moment needed. By the third day, I actually felt hardly any of the previous pain that I had been experiencing. And was able to complete the third and fourth day pain free and without the need for further massage. That was totally unexpected! Thank you Gaelle for your care and ability. It was a definitive key to a successful certification. And I look forward to experiencing it again.